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Thank you again for everything at Pilates, it’s the highlight of my week when pregnant, and really helped ease my pelvic pain this time. Nicola Woods

The great thing about the Belfast Pilates instructors is that although you are in a class situation they still ‘personalise’ your work out. They will give you challenges if they see you are managing the exercise and need to be pushed further, and yet they will reduce any specific exercises that they think might not be so good for your particular rehabilitation. The classes are made so interesting due to the progressive nature of the exercises and the use of various specialised equipment – you really can feel the improvements as you build up your fitness’ ‘All the exercises are expertly demonstrated and coupled with clear instructions that are easy to follow due to the clever use of analagies and images. Due to the small and cosy nature of the classes, you really do have individual attention to ensure you are performing the exercises safely and correctly. It is so good to know that your pilates instructor also has the most up to date knowledge in physiotherapy and years of experience too. If you are rehabilitating after an injury – what could be better! The class is so relaxing that you can feel the stress levels reduce due to the pleasant and positive atmosphere that the instructors create. Belfast Pilates has been the only thing that I have found to help my lower back problem – the pain has reduced and my movement has improved due to attending these classes – and the instructors are physios! How great is that for confidence in what they are getting you to do! Melita Williams

I would recommend Belfast Pilates to anyone and Pilates to everyone Catherine Flannigan

Pilates offered precision, awareness of ones position, and soon more flexibility came.  An increasing number of techniques were on offer leading to greater control of ones own body.  Pilates promotes and maintains the protective alignment of muscle groups.  Teaching (at Belfast Pilates) was very professional and really engaged all members of the small group (10 participants).
Prof Philip Reilly MD, FRCGP, MICGP

I have been doing Pilates with Gillian for the best part of a year and it is easily the most enjoyable exercise class I have attended. Always a challenge. Sara Cleery (Intermediate level)

The tendons in my arms have improved which had been a problem. I have started to be aware of my posture and stability throughout the day now. Natalie Gilbert (Beginner level)

I thought I would always have problems with back pain, but almost 3 months after finishing the Belfast Pilates course, I haven’t had a single ache. The basic exercises and an increased awareness of correct posture have most definitely prevented further problems. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Julie McMurray

I’ve just completed my first 6 week beginners pilates course. I’m a very active sports person, playing a lot of hockey and golf so have a good level of fitness, but pilates was recommended to me to help work on my core strength and the niggling low back pain that I have. There were only 10 people in the class so Gillian was able to monitor all of us and make sure that we were doing the exercises correctly and safely and have everyone work at the level that was best for them. I was really pleased to find that my core strength was reasonably good but it was fantastic to identify a couple of weaknesses that I can work on which will improve my back. I’m looking forward to attending another class soon. Emma Dickson